Legend pt. 3 – Austin Wiggins

Economic Crime

After the fight, Donna returned to bathroom and changed. “I fucked up bad,” she said to herself as she changed. Donna opened the bathroom door with her bag slowly, hoping not to draw attention to herself, but the glass-eyed-man was already there waiting.

“What the fuck, Donna?”

“I did what I had to do.”

“Had to do? We had a deal.”

“And you promised me I wouldn’t fake-lose to a shitty fighter. Yet Tyson was there. So I changed plans.”

The man shook his head, “You have no idea what you’ve done Donna. We’re both screwed. You’ll see.” Pouting like a child, the man stormed off.

Donna headed home in the thick of the grime. The wind churned about and grew stronger as the day went. Everything was coated in a grey and blackness that nobody cared to get rid. It was in the air, the particles that coated the world and tasted like soot and dust and coal. Donna yawned and got a taste of the air but it didn’t phase her. She walked through a demolished apartment building and she had to be careful over the rubble underfoot. Then she went down a long stretch of black and brown colored road. At the end was a battered building with a neon sign that read “General Store.” The building’s innermost room was Donna’s home. Because no one else staked claim to the rest of the building, she owned the entire building too.

After bathing Donna laid on her bed and thought. It was the only thing to do for entertainment that didn’t involve raiding other villages or killing passers-by. She imagined a place of green: green floors, green on the trees, green on the plants and on the mountains. She knew her naivety but imagined the sky to be blue anyway. As she thought, her feet and hands tapped about on the bed and walls. She thought all day without thinking of the consequences of her rebellion at the arena.

Donna pictured Desmond, the man with the glass eye. He held up a wad of dollars and counted it aloud for her. “One-thousand, two-thousand. Three-thousand dollars. We can rig this fight Donna. Just lose to whoever you fight next.  I’ll bet this here and we’ll split the money.” Something had gone awry. If Desmond had known Donna was fighting an easy opponent he would have bet for her instead of against her. Someone else must have gotten involved…


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