Light from the Heavens – Austin L. Wiggins


Ozone lingered in the air while the humidity increased sharply. Grey clouds floated above and a deeper darkness awaited in the distance. A wind which had toppled trees roared through the air. Tamika was standing in a courtyard minding a textbook under an overhang, enjoying the gusts of wind.  Her students ran from room to room searching for something, but their continued scurry proved they were not finding what they were seeking. A gust of wind caught under a boy’s homework and the sheets of paper danced away until they were out of sight. Tamika watched it float away, thinking to herself that she was happy.

On the opposite side of the courtyard another boy stood confused. Unlike the others, he wasn’t running. Instead, he was looking about, turning in circles now and again as if looking for a phantom. The boy saw Tamika and stopped looking about. As he made eye contact his hair stood on end. It looked to Tamika to be a ridiculous peacock-like display of masculinity, but then there was a jolt. Jagged blue light descended from the heavens onto the boy, and a bellow accompanied it soon after in agreement that they hit their target.

Tamika jolted up in her bed and recorded her dream in a journal that she kept at her bedside. “Same dream four times in a row,” she thought through her weariness.


Days soon folded into years and Tamika had forgotten of the dream. Now a senior in college, Tamika spent more time with books than with people. Though it had made her a great student, she had become a recluse. She was sitting in the courtyard studying as she always did. The wind gusted. The weather reports had predicted for days the impending storm, but it didn’t stop the college students from going to class. The college wouldn’t have cancelled the classes anyway. Tamika poured over a nuclear physics textbook, when suddenly the smell of ozone brought a rushing memory back to her.

At first Tamika was confused, as if her life had rewound to an unknown period of her past. Then she looked around her, and the dreams flooded back. The papers fluttered in the wind, and the boy stood confused looking for Tamika. She was supposed to tutor him, and she had chosen the spot to study despite the weather. An icy feeling gripped around her heart. Tamika started towards the boy and pushed him away from the spot. As if on cue, the heavens poured out their light. Unlike the dream, this time it crashed onto Tamika, and not the boy. The following roar was exactly as she had dreamed it years before.


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