This seems like a very interesting approach to cancer treatment.

Delcath - Chemotherapy


Light from the Heavens – Austin L. Wiggins

Ozone lingered in the air while the humidity increased sharply. Grey clouds floated above and a deeper darkness awaited in the distance. A wind which had toppled trees roared through the air. Tamika was standing in a courtyard minding a textbook under an overhang, enjoying the gusts of wind.  Her students ran from room to … Continue reading Light from the Heavens – Austin L. Wiggins

No Take Back

"No, that one doesn't count!" he shouted into the closed confines of the truck cab. "It's the same one, it just took the off-ramp." Jay looked at Adam and shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe it did. Maybe it didn't. We have no possible way of knowing. All I know is I called it and it's mine." … Continue reading No Take Back

The Guardians of the Relic

Emily Carson is just your typical, everyday girl. She has a solid job at the library. She enjoys spending time with her brother. She's even managed to land Jason, one of the most eligible bachelors in all of Elgin. It's been years since the death of her parents, and everything is finally starting to fall … Continue reading The Guardians of the Relic