The Guardians of the Relic: Ethan Cunningham



Emily patiently watched him work from across the table. She sat on a large chair. Anyone that sat in Ethan Cunningham’s office would instantly know that he was no ordinary man. The place was a clear indication of his affluence. The brown furniture blended naturally with the rich cream walls. There were some long leafy green plants on display on his side table along the wall. They added to the earthy theme of the office. To the right of his desk were giant glass windows. She couldn’t help but wonder how much of the room really belonged to him, but she guessed it was that particular kind of speculation that made him hate the family name in the first place…


Sometimes family’s not all it’s cracked up to be. For Emily Carson, orphaned after the death of her parents, family is all she has. Why does Ethan hate his family so much? What is he hiding from his past? Who is he? As they puzzle over the mystery of the missing relic together, Emily must also face the mystery that is Ethan Cunningham. Is he someone she can trust?


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