A crave once carved — Björn Rudbergs writings

A crave once carved on polished gneiss
with lips and hips you met my piercing spear;
your moan reverbs in rock, a memory
embracing we are locked, perhaps in vice
we’ve not eroded, and through the years
preserved is lust, echoes still with ecstasy.

Among the ships remain our mystery
we tilled the soil, we hunted deer, but yet
our passion shared, our love delirium
is more important than all toil and sweat.

Today in dVerse poetics I present you stone carvings from Sweden, I want you to use them as inspiration for your writing. You can find more pictures in my flickr album. The one I have used is said to depict a couple making love, and yes that made me write this little sonnetina…. Please join us with your own poetry for my pictures.

via A crave once carved — Björn Rudbergs writings


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