The Council


As she neared the park she heard a sound coming from beyond the trees. She stopped for a moment, trying to listen, but it was very faint. Curious, she got a little closer. As she walked through the park the sounds started to get louder and clearer. Voices. Male voices.

“The situation is getting more serious my Lord. I fear we have not much time left before it spins out of control.”

Emily stood behind a large silver birch tree and tried to stay as silent as possible. The man speaking was tall and, from what she could make out, quite big. The older man he was speaking to was much smaller, had a grey beard, small hat, and a walking stick in his hand. There were a few male figures standing around the two men.

“I understand your concern Glohone, but we must proceed with caution. The protection of the people of Elgin is the main purpose of the council,” said the old man.

The tall one shrugged. “If he gets the…” he hesitated, “the weapon, what will we do then? We have not the power to defeat him.”

They seemed to speak in old English, which Emily found very strange. Who were these men, and what ‘weapon’ were they talking about?

There’s only one way to find out….



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