Natural Fate – Austin L. Wiggins


The others went quietly and faded with anonymity intact. They died and only their families and close friends were aware enough to notice. Children burying their parents is a common occurrence, so anytime parents had to bury their children gained attention. This was true for Malcolm the moment he signed the do not resurrect agreement.

 Malcolm was ninety years old and his parents twice that. Death had been defeated by advanced knowledge of cell regeneration and extensive research into stem cell research. Malcolm’s parents look biologically no different than fifty year olds, while Malcolm looked exactly his age. Further technology into atomic reconstruction promised that even those who died could be brought back to life atom by atom. By denying both treatments, Malcolm was slated to be the last person on Earth to ever die.

 Broadcast equipment followed him everywhere and he narrated his own story often. “I simply don’t want to live forever,” he would say. “I’m perfectly content with the thought of dying.”

 Malcolm died cold and alone with no one to share his time. His parents had other business to attend to and his friends had gone the way he had. He died of a heart attack on a cold winter morning with no one to come to his aid. New sites ran stories for months covering the entire life of the last man to die.


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