Death Seer – Austin L. Wiggins


Elijah sat on his bed perfectly alone save the darkness. A palpable musk had built up in the room and the smell of trash from old delivery boxes and bags mingled with the smell. His silhouette cast on the wall behind him was caused by the bright light of his computer on which he typed away furiously. He wasn’t writing but chatting with his friends via forums and live chats. Elijah had no real friends.

There was a knock on the door. Elijah stood up and looked around as if confused. Then the sound came again, a deliberate knocking. After brushing off the crumbs that had gathered on his pants, Elijah opened the door. It was a tall blond man standing there but Elijah didn’t see the man as pristine and well put-together as he was. The man was black and blue and bleeding from the skull. He stunk of death and the open wounds had already started  festering. The tall man spoke as he stood, but to Elijah it seemed the body dead was talking from the floor. “I need your help. You don’t know me in person, but we’ve talked before online.”

Elijah was calm because he’d seen it before. Elijah only saw people in the way they’re bound to die. He’d grown used to seeing it, and it had contributed to his solitude. “I’m sure I’ve never talked to you before. What username did you use?”

“Rario5, from the forums on mystics and psychics. I looked you up as soon we talked about your power.”

“I’ve never had someone deliberately look for me before,” Elijah spoke mostly to himself. “How do you think I can help you?”

“A gang is after me and I need some money to pay them back. I know you can see it, what they’ll do to me if I don’t pay them back. That’s why I came to you.”

“It doesn’t look good,” Elijah admitted. “Looks like you die with the clothes you have on today. Which really only gives you a few more hours to live.” He then added, “If you believe me, that is.”

“So will you help?”

“I’ve never tried meddling in someone’s death before. I tend to just take it as it is. What if I pay you and nothing changes?”

“So you’ll just let me die?”

“How much do you need?” Elijah asked.

“Five grand. And if everything pans out, I’ll pay you back.”

“If not?”

“You’ll learn something about your powers, I guess.”

Elijah pulled out his phone and pressed a few buttons to transfer money. After a few moments talking with the tall man, the transfer had concluded. The tall man thanked Elijah, but Elijah dared not

look at him. “Please just go, I don’t want to know anymore.”

The man walked down the hall and Elijah noticed as the stench of death faded. Elijah ran into the hall after the man but he only got a glimpse of his hand. It was an extraordinarily wrinkled hand.


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