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In the past week or two my inner novelist has been threatening to burst from within me. I’m getting a real massive urge to work on my big project, The Escapades of William Hart, again.

The first instalment, Revenge on the Spanish Main, still needs touching up on the terminology front, but I began working on the second, The Golden Age, not long after the first edit of Revenge was completed such was my absolute love for the series and all of its characters.

I put Golden on the back burner while proof reading of Revenge was done and I started work on Paul.E.Bailey’s World. The latter has become all-consuming since. Literally every single bit of writing I’ve done since August 2016 has been geared towards featuring on my blog. While I’ve certainly been enjoying the change of pace and getting my teeth into new projects and challenges I have to admit that I am really starting to miss my first literary love of novel writing. That’s a lie; I do miss it and with growing intensity as each day passes.

I want to sort Revenge out in its entirety now and to get cracking on Golden as soon as humanly possible. That means sending Revenge the way of publishers too. I can’t sit on it much longer and want to know what the people who really matter think of the project I have worked harder on than anything else I can think of in my life before or since. Despite its flaws (and I know it has them aside from the terminology) I honestly believe Revenge is good enough to get published in spite of its length and my newcomer status. The synopsis for Golden suggests that it could potentially be even better than Revenge when it’s finished which is why I’m so eager to get to work on it.

So what does this all mean for Paul.E.Bailey’s World? Well I certainly have no intention of stopping work on it. Its rapid rate of growth since the turn of 2017 suggests that dropping it entirely in favour of getting back to work on my Escapades series would perhaps be detrimental. What it does mean though is that my rate of blogging might drop off for a while. It also means that if I were to get published then I may have to make my works of fiction a temporary feature on my blog depending on what the publishers want. I’d be interested in putting the smaller works of fiction from my blog into a compilation book of some description, but that would be pointless if they were all still available to read for nothing here on Paul.E.Bailey’s World.

Is it silly that I’m thinking that far ahead? Does it smack of delusional behaviour on my part or is my confidence that I will get published something I have a right to feel? Of course none of you actually have any idea how good Revenge is. You only have what I’ve posted here to go off and I’ve already admitted that I feel my writing has improved vastly since August. So does that mean I should look at perhaps rewriting Revenge or at least editing it for a third time before I make that leap of approaching publishers? Or am I just procrastinating too much?

The problem I have is that Golden is the one I want to work on and not Revenge. If I’m being honest with myself, the thought of going through Revenge for a third time makes me sigh extremely loudly. It’s not like I can just read it in a few days. It’s over 300,000 words long and I live in a small house that affords very little space and silence as well as having other things to do. Being a dad for example. Looking for work. My blog. The world can’t stop for editing purposes. If I could have a week of just being trapped in a room on my own with no distractions then I’d work on it solidly and get it done, but because I simply can’t ignore all other factors mentioned it’ll take a couple of months again to go through. I really don’t want to!

That said, it seems that my choices are limited. I can’t afford to assign a professional editor. I can’t afford to assign somebody versed in 18th century sailing terminology to pick the bones of what I’ve missed or screwed up on. So I have no option but to go through it again and perhaps acquire some form of literature that’ll help me in the terminology department. The internet evidently didn’t do quite the job I’d hoped. Who’d have thunk it?!

Having typed everything up here, my conclusion is that Golden may have to wait a while longer before I return to it and I have to admit that makes me feel sad. Working on Revengeagain isn’t going to scratch this novelist’s itch that I’m suffering, but I feel it is unavoidable and necessary to get my house in order where Revenge is concerned before pressing on with Golden. Grudgingly. Very grudgingly!

Realisations can seriously suck balls sometimes. It looks as though this itch is going to be here to stay for a while. I might as well get used to it…

via Paul.E.Bailey’s World – Living the Dream Part 10 (Novelist’s Itch) — Paul.E.Bailey’s World


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