Butchers in the Deep pt. 7 – Brandon Manak


My body remained frozen…all but my head which looked downward to the bottom of the pool once more.  I was completely overcome with dread and my heart raced…the remnants floating along the bottom of the pool were that of human flesh.  The water became active, I could sense in the distance an unnerving movement from the deep end, but it was so deep I couldn’t see what was causing it.  Wait.  Oh…my…God.  From the black depths opposite me emerged a Leviathan, so large its width was nearly half that of the pool.  It resembled a pilot whale, but was about twenty times as large.  I only hoped it couldn’t detect me in the water with it.  I gasped inside…there were two of them.  They darted quickly and assuredly through the water gaining tremendous speed and before I could fully comprehend their collective maneuver, they launched their bodies upward, piercing the surface of the water and in a display of gruesome magnificence…they tore the prisoners body in half, each taking a piece and swallowing it whole as they fell downward to the water once more, the sheer mass of their bodies causing a splash and subsequent wave larger than any I’ve ever seen.  Witnessing this act of carnage, I screamed under the water in horror at what had just happened before me.  I’m done for.  As I let out my cry of terror, the beasts moved in an arc underwater until they were facing me and they started towards me with astonishing speed and voracity.  I glanced upward toward the leader through the waters surface just moments before these monsters reached me to discover shockingly, the leader was glaring at me with fire in his eyes and a grin on his face.  The monsters’ mouths opened wide and everything went dark.

Drenched in sweat, panicked, heart racing, I sat up in my bed now wide awake.  I never want this nightmare again, nor would I wish it on anyone else.

The End

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One thought on “Butchers in the Deep pt. 7 – Brandon Manak

  1. I want to thank AFP for featuring my short story and everyone who took a moment to read all seven installments. This story is a personal nightmare from my childhood, one that I have never forgotten and for a time made me deathly afraid to venture toward the deep end of large pools. I dream quite vividly to this day and record the details in a journal so I can use them to influence short stories and poetry. The only part I changed was the language used by the leader. In my dream it was Latin, I changed it to Esperanto to make it more exotic.

    I’m grateful for feedback and will be submitting more work to be featured soon. Thanks in advance!

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