Butchers in the Deep pt. 6 – Brandon Manak


“Logaĵo la hoko!” the leader commanded from his perch atop the uppermost tier of this arena.  With a quick and appalling jerk, the men lifted and thrust the poor man in their grasp upward as another man emerged from the shadows with a large hook which he thrust into the man decisively, piercing his neck, destroying the mans vocal chords, the curved end of the hook protruding from his back.  Blood gurgled and bubbled from the mans throat and lips as his body shook and convulsed violently in this terrifying moment.  Trying to keep my composure while hidden beneath the water, I looked on horrified by what I was witnessing.  I was in this moment compelled for reasons unknown, to peer downward towards the bottom of this pool.  I hadn’t noticed until now, but there were remnants of something floating along the bottom.  As I tried to figure out what it was, the leader’s voice broke the silence once more, “leviĝi!”  As he issued this command, a chain was lowered from the ceiling and the man holding the prisoner attached the chain to the hook which recently impaled the prisoner.  The chain retracted upward and the prisoner was dragged with it as it raised him up towards the ceiling and then slightly leftward so that he was hovering over the deep end of the pool.  I began to have a dreadful feeling seeing this.  I took another careful breath to fill my lungs deep with air, allowing me to stay hidden just beneath the surface of the water.  I glanced towards the prisoner who now hanged in the air above the pool, his blood dripping from his neck hole into the black water on the opposite end of the pool.  With his battleaxe now held high in the air, the leader shouted once more “morto!”  Hearing this word, I froze in fear.  It was a word I understood.  It was Esperanto.  I hadn’t understood any of the other words because I didn’t know but a handful of words in Esperanto, but this word I knew…this word meant death.

To Be Continued…

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