Butchers in the Deep pt. 5 – Brandon Manak


On the third tier near the ceiling, a gargantuan man steps out wearing medieval armor carrying a double-edged battle-axe.  Where the hell was I?  This was so crazy, nothing here made sense.  Not the layout of the building, the pool, the insane depths of the pool, and now an apparently ten foot tall man dressed as an ancient gladiator emerges from the shadows.  My eyes grow wide…this is the leader, the one who ordered I be brought to him.  He was panning the room with his eyes…he was looking for me.  His voice boomed loudly, so ferociously I could hear his words clearly under the water…”prepari la manĝon!”  What the hell?  Seriously, where am I?  This wasn’t any language I understood.  This gave me an even more palpable sense of dread.  Here I was in a dreadful place, evading hunters, barely surviving and now the most fearsome thing in this place was commanding something that I couldn’t even understand.  From a doorway near the deep end of the pool, three men burst forth…carrying a helpless looking man who struggled energetically to free himself from their grasp.  He didn’t look as if he’d been tortured, he was only wearing underwear, but he had no bruising, cuts or anything you may expect to see on someone taken captive within this place.  The efforts this man demonstrated to get free of the man holding him however, made me realize something horrifying…he knew something terrible about his fate, something I didn’t, something important.

To Be Continued…

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