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This is such a magical moment in the life of a writer and it warrants a blog post.

Being a writer means that you will probably experience quite a few of these special moments during your career.

Some of us writers are lucky enough to endure what I call the ‘I quit / I’m not quitting’ revolving door  which basically means on a regular basis (monthly / weekly / every couple of days) we go through the ‘I’m giving up / no I am not giving up’ motions. This is BAU (business as usual) to some of us.

Events leading up to the magical moment where you decide NOT to quit may include:

  • Some writer suffering – general insecurities, nagging doubts about whether your writing is any good, asking yourself whether it’s worth it, a lack of confidence and painful bouts of writer’s block.
  • An emotional outpouring – tears, snotty nose, sobbing etc.
  • An email outpouring to writing friend – long drawn out email listing out all of your writing frustrations for the past 12 months. Some of us just send through a detailed spreadsheet of all our issues. A good writer friend will never tell you to give up and will just offer sensible advice.
  • The ‘I am going to quit and do something else’ pipe dream – after happily ignoring all advice from the writing friend you move onto ‘quitting’. The thought of quitting feels so good, like a huge weight is being lifted off your shoulders. Cue the smiles, winks and “I am so over this writing lark” comments to uninterested loved ones. Now you can crack on with a less stressful and more rewarding hobby such as growing watercress out of hand painted egg shells. You make a ‘knee jerk reaction’ shopping expedition and happily buy (waste a lot of money) on new hobby equipment (cress seeds, brushes, coloured paints, eggs), reassuring yourself that your writing hobby has been binned.
  • The ‘I can’t live without my writing’ realisation – it soon dawns on you that you can’t give up writing, you are a slave to it! Your attempts at another hobby failed miserably (a loved one laughed at your hand painted egg shells perhaps or asked you whether your children had painted them). You can’t stop thinking about writing, its like a form of self torture, stories start to fly round and round in your head and your old characters shout your name like long lost friends.

Cue the magical moment!

Its a magical moment because:

  •  In heroic fashion you wipe away your tears, wipe your snotty nose, stand tall and with gritted teeth say to yourself “I am not quitting!” and “you won’t beat me!” – maybe even with a clenched fist!
  •  You attack your writing with a new energy and vigour. You feel like an eager newbie writer again.
  •  You feel elated because you are back and you are not a quitter!
  •  All your past writing problems no longer seem as big and some even seem solvable
  •  Hope is restored
  •  All writing dreams are pencilled back in!
  •  The sun comes out in Writing Land!

I love this (weekly) moment 🙂

Happy writing readers!

photo credit: Pexel

via That magical moment when you decide NOT to quit writing #writing #writers — BlondeWriteMore


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