Butchers in the Deep pt. 4 – Brandon Manak


The men fanned out to different points in the large room trying to find me, not backing down from the order that was shouted earlier to find me and bring me in.  I am losing breath, it’s been a few minutes and I need air.  Carefully, I hold my head back under the water allowing just my lips to penetrate the surface so that I can slowly exhale and then inhale a lungful of air and then descend back under the water once more.  Moments after I do this, dim lights turn on in the large room.  These lights on the ceiling of the room are not very bright, but they definitely help to brighten the room greatly in contrast to how dark the room was just seconds earlier.  It also allows me to be more aware of the layout of the pool that I occupy.  The area I am in appears to be around twelve feet deep, but interestingly, I am in the shallow end of this pool.  Peering underwater towards the other end of the pool, it appears to possibly be hundreds of feet deep.  The water at that end of the pool is so deep, it is just black, maybe dark blue, and the way the ocean looks in photographs where the photographer is underwater capturing marine life in their natural habitat.  Why though would this pool need to be so damn deep?  It hit me now.  This room was the blue room.  It was called this because it contained the pool.  As I made this connection in my mind, I could see through the surface of the water that the room was designed like a multi-tiered arena would be, and it had three tiers.  Again, I need air.  I push my lips carefully upward again to take in more air, but as I do I can see something which startles me as I stare upward through the water…

To Be Continued…

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