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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening friends! How are you? I hope your week has been lovely. I’m once again back with another post filled with recommendations from my ultimate favorite genre in the young adult category…contemporary!


If there’s something I love about contemporaries, it’s the characters. The ones I want to love and hug, the ones I feel like I know from the bottom of my heart because they are just so well-developed and three-dimensional. I love when that happens so, so much, so I thought today will feature a couple of books with great characters I love and found very relatable, whether it’s because we share experiences or feelings, or just it felt REAL. Click on the book covers to be redirected to Goodreads.

Some realistic characters in YA contemporary

I guess this is because I’m lucky enough to be reading an early copy of the next book by this author that I first came up with this title. But it’s also because Aristotle and Dante has a wonderful story, shaped by diverse, incredibly three-dimensional and ALIVE characters, with all of the complexities any teenager has, and ways of thinking that are so relatable just as well. And I love myself great characters.

Keywords: Three-dimensional characters, family, growing-up, slow-paced.

Read my full review here.

The Serpent King is one of these surprises you don’t expect: it was silent, it was slow, it was yet very interesting to read because the characters were shaping, evolving and changing along with events and, well, life happening to them. Once again, this is a contemporary I’d heavily recommend if you love your stories character-driven.

Keywords: friendship, faith, hope, growing-up, tragedy.

Read my full review here.

Alice Oseman may be one of my favorite, underrated or at least not talked about enough on the blogosphere. I think she really has talent to shape characters that feel real, alive and with struggles we can easily relate to– or at least I could in Frances, that girl with two faces depending on who she’s with, so much more than she appears to be.

Keywords: school pressure, identity, diversity, friendship.

Read my full review here.

Highly Illogical Behaviour is one small book, but it is oh, so wonderful. Dealing with anxiety, characters with their own quirks and trail of thought that is sometimes a bit annoying, other times completely realistic and relatable, especially when it comes to dealing with agoraphoby -well, from my point of view, I thought it was very realistic, and I love it.

Keywords: FRIENDSHIP, mental illness, realistic characters, hope.

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isla and the hapilyIsla and The Happily Ever After has to be one of my favorite contemporaries. It’s sweet, cute, and obviously makes you smile if you’re into this kind of story, but what I appreciated the most -besides the male character being way too adorable-, was how relatable Isla was. I could see so much of myself in her, which made this story so interesting to read, and obviously made me feel for this so much more.

Keywords: CUTE, romance, Paris,  realistic relationships (both friendship and romance)

Read my full review here.

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Did you read any of these books? Do you have any favorites with characters you loved/can relate to, a lot? Share the books in comments! 💬

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