Butchers in the Deep pt. 2 – Brandon Manak


As I carefully navigate my way through this darkness, without warning I slam face first into a heavy door, falling on the other side, twisting my body mid-fall landing on my side.  I immediately notice a change in the environment, a change that thankfully allows me to somewhat decipher where I am.  It appears to be a monstrous warehouse of sorts.  The change that has occurred is that now, although still extremely dark, there is now some measure of light coming in through windows high up on the walls near the ceiling.  I had apparently just emerged from a series of unlit passageways and into a large room, but as I continued to evaluate this entire situation, I couldn’t ascertain how or why I even found myself in the passageway in the first place.  “Son of a bitch!” a man screamed from within the corridor.  “Dispatch gatherers to the blue room…now!”  This voice was not the leader…not the one I heard previously.  He was equally angry however, and hearing him I began to understand two things.  First, the hunters had reached the point in the passageway where I was previously, where the beam of light had illuminated me in the darkness.  They were not far away.  Lastly, I was now aware of a familiar sound, the calming sound of water as it clashed gently against an object.  In this very large room was a very large pool.  My eyes had adjusted to the lighting in this room.  It was still quite dark, however I was able to distinguish a variety of features in this room…boxes, equipment, weapons, etc.  Why is there a pool here?  It seems so out of place.  Then again, this entire place was very odd.  An exceptionally large warehouse building, connecting multiple large rooms by way of a series of completely unlit passageways and then a pool…an extremely large pool…

To Be Continued…


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Butchers in the Deep pt. 1 – Brandon Manak


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