Butchers in the Deep pt. 1 – Brandon Manak


I’m running.  The space is dark and the sounds are desperate.  In the distance, a scream rings out…the kind of death rattle you only hear at an execution, when it is anything but a death as a result of natural causes.  A spotlight shines bright in a focused beam cutting through the darkness, illuminating my body and the ground where I stand.  They have found me.  They are coming.  I thought that with my unparalleled prowess in games like hide-n-seek, there would be no way for them to ever successfully hunt me, much less find me or even…capture me.  Now, I am frozen…a prisoner of my own fear, paralyzed by the uncertainty of what to do.  My brain elects to listen to my environment.  Bad idea.  I hear muffled voices in the distance, I hear footsteps echoing closer.  “Bring him to me now!” a stern and authoritative voice yells through the black.  Finding my feet once more under my control, I run frantically, seeking to increase the distance between myself and those who sought to capture me and deliver me to this horrifying person who for reasons unknown wanted me found and delivered to him…now.  I realize as I continue to evade every other person in this space…I don’t even know where I am.  It is so intensely dark, I could just as likely be outside as I could be in a warehouse or in a closed off albeit very large basement or even a dungeon.  I have no idea and that isn’t helping.  I have to struggle just to find the will to keep moving instead of trying to hide.  Though I am not familiar with my hunters, I have a feeling they are quite adept at their role in this nightmarish place…

To Be Continued…


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