How to: Fall asleep anywhere — Amanda

Sometimes authors have difficulty “turning it off” at night. Perhaps these steps by Amanda can help!

Falling asleep may be a no brainer for most of us, but it can also be the hardest, most frustrating thing for some. Falling asleep in our own bed isn’t much of a problem. The problem comes in when people cannot fall asleep in unfamiliar places, especially when they travel.  As its the holidays, many are jetting the round the world on vacations and would be staying in unfamiliar places. Absolutely anyone could suffer from insomnia, no matter his age. As such, I decided to write this post with some tips I hope will help you fall asleep more easily.

ONE: Tire yourself out 🏊🏻

We are usually unable to fall asleep when we aren’t tired enough. The trick is to tire ourselves out, by engaging in more physical exercise. Whether it is jogging, swimming or other types of sports,  expanding more energy will cause us to be physically tired and thus lead to us feeling sleepy.

TWO: Make yourself comfortable ☁️

Whenever I travel, I bring with me a bean bag filled pillow that’s small enough to be a mini bolster as I can’t sleep without bolsters. You might want to consider getting a travel friendly item to make yourself feel at home. Eye masks are commonly opted for, though I’ve tried beanies. Of course, a small pillow you use often or a huggable plushy works just as well.

THREE: Create a peaceful atmosphere 🎧

Atmosphere plays a huge part in sleep quality. Creating a peaceful atmosphere tells your brain it’s time to wind down and get your ZZZs shouldn’t be overlooked. The last thing you’d want to do would be to scroll through social media or watch a horror movie. You get the idea. Instead of doing things that would wire your brain to become more active, you could try listening to soothing music (try the playlist Peaceful Piano on Spotify), meditating and staying off your phone as the blue light emitted is bad before bedtime. In short, create an atmosphere that you’re comfortable with, one that you’re able to fall asleep in.

Those are some of the things I do to help myself fall asleep more easily. I hope that this post has helped you! Do like and leave a comment if you have any tips of your own! 😊

via How to: Fall asleep anywhere — Amanda


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