The Dragon – Austin L. Wiggins

image by willroberts04 Deviantart

“Can we not do this?” asked the dragon as a man in full plate armor rushed into his den. The dragon’s voice was powerful and the shape of his den amplified his voice. “I’m tired of this routine.”

“Routine?” the Knight finally answered at last.

“The holier-than-thou principles you follow, the everything-that’s-different-must-die mentality that every Knight ever has.”

“It’s not about different, it’s about evil.”

“Evil,” the dragon exclaimed sarcastically. “I’m evil?”

“You’ve killed hundreds of knights.”

“You mean hundreds of knights tried to kill me. I’m just trying to live in peace.”

The knight was silent.

Then the dragon said, “Besides, I don’t want to kill you or anyone anymore. Can we please find some common ground and cooperate?”

The knight knew nothing of dragons other than their evil, and that’s still what he saw despite the dragon’s apparent despair. He drew his sword and ran to the dragon many times his size.

The dragon sighed, disappointed that humanity had not grown since his birth a thousand years ago. The promise the dragon saw in man when they had first formed had dwindled, and now it was apparent that humanity was beyond reasoning with. Reluctantly, the dragon breathed fire on the knight. It was a brilliant orange, red, and white. In an instant, there was nothing but molten metal where the knight had stood.

The dragon sighed again, knowing it would be a long time before he encountered a well-meaning human being.


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