Party of the Innocent pt. 3 – Takoda Poindexter


Margaret saw them approach the entrance to the vampire’s lair where Trevor always took the newcomers. They either turned them into vampires or harvested their organs. Although the new guy was nice to her, she couldn’t resist the urge to help out. It was in her nature. She waited until the door shut and jumped into action.

She peered through the window to see what was going on, but the dense fog made it difficult to see anything. As she assumed, they were trying to grab him. Trevor made her sick to her stomach; just thinking of what they might do to him made her want to gag. She heard a scream, and the new guy disappeared into the stairs. It was a trap.

They’re going to get him for sure.

She watched them go to the basement door and disappear with laughter. She climbed through the broken window, careful not to cut herself on the jagged pieces of glass. Walking to the stairs she stepped on a small button on the ground, the one the boy hadn’t noticed.The secret trap door swung open and she jumped in carelessly. As she hit the ground, she heard voices and instantly knew it was them. What could she do? It was pitch black and couldn’t see anything.

Suddenly, the lights flickered on. Her eyes burned in the sudden blinding brightness. By the time they adjusted, she could see Trevor and his group walking across the wooden plank.

A dead end, she thought as she hid herself behind old crates. There were ropes tied in knots on the crates, and a plan began forming in her mind. Opening one of the crates she found syringes and empty blood packs. She grabbed one of the syringes and searched for a vein. She drew blood from herself and quickly put it into the blood pack and tied the blood pack to the rope. Here comes the tricky part.

She needed to throw the rope over the torch light so it would draw them off the scent. Then she could save the boy. When the right moment came she would yank the rope and the torch would fall in creating a blazing fire and burn them alive. The liquid wasn’t water dyed blue, it was just the way the light hit it. It was kerosene. She carefully aimed and threw the blood pack over the torch. She held onto the rope like an angler with a baited hook. The vampires stopped abruptly and sniffed the air.

“I smell fresh blood,” said Trevor. He stared at the blood pack in awe, licking his lips. All four of them leaped up into the air and grabbed the pack. She let go of the rope and struck a match. She threw it into the inky blue kerosene.

Sparks flew and an orange blaze burst into the air. She hurried through, the plank bobbing up and down, her feet almost touching the kerosene. Margaret heard the screams of all five vampires. She burst through the door, only to find a knife slashing through the air directly at her.


The Party of the Innocent pt. 1 – Takoda Poindexter

Party of the Innocent pt. 2 – Takoda Poindexter


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