Party of the Innocent pt. 2 – Takoda Poindexter


An hour swept by. My thoughts had jumbled up like a one thousand-piece jigsaw puzzle. These people are so weird! They are all jittery, and what’s worse is a jerk wants to meet me! Maybe I should leave. I swear, if he threatens me…I kept debating inside about whether to leave or not.

Everyone stared uncomfortably at me, as if they had never seen someone dressed up as a vampire. My stomach twisted into a double knot and I started to feel suffocated and claustrophobic in this sea of monstrous creatures. I peered up on the balcony and saw a group of guys dressed up as vampires. They were laughing and actually seemed normal. I walked inside and up the stairs, and noticed they had the bedroom door ajar. They were not aware that I was standing by the door

They seemed cool to me and the knot in my stomach untied a little. “Can I hang out with you guys?” I asked. My voice was hoarse and timid, afraid at what they might say. They stopped laughing and turned towards me. They frowned a little.

“You’re the new guy, right?” The boy from the center of the group asked. He was tall and bony with short brown hair. He studied me with a luminous face.

“Yep, that’s me,” I laughed nervously.

He examined my face a little longer and smiled. “Welcome to Hallow-Creek! We were just about to go through the new haunted house. You can join us if you want. My name is Trevor by the way.”

My face went pale. A haunted house? I felt like I had just dug my own grave.

He can’t be serious? Owen made it sound like he was rude, malicious, and conniving. He seems nice, but should I trust him? Maybe I should just go home.

“Haunted houses aren’t my thing, I don’t-”

“We don’t bite newbies. Besides, it doesn’t seem like you have anything else to do, right? At least give it a chance.”

I nodded slowly and followed my new friends outside to the back of the house. A small graveyard filled half of the yard, and a narrow path wound its way into the fogging forest. The mists obscured my vision and I could barely see Trevor, who walked with ease and nearly vanished from sight.

I walked a little faster and caught up with him. I was curious to see if he knew anything about the dwarf girl.

“Do you know that short girl I was with before I came in? I saw you guys goofing off on the balcony. She said that ‘everyone here isn’t what they seem.’ What does she mean?” Trevor’s eyes widened and he slowed his pace.

“Yes, I saw you two. Her name is Margaret. She’s always been a wild card. She’s not much for first impressions. After tonight, I’m sure you’ll be quite acquainted with our group.” He smiled devilishly, showing his fangs. My heart sank.

What did he mean by that? This town is…is…creepy.

We walked up the wooden steps of an old warehouse. The paint was chipped, the shingles were cracked, and the windows were broken. A howl from a wolf in the distance seemed to drive home the fact that they took Halloween seriously.

“Whose house is this anyways?” I asked, astonished by all the broken decor. The chandelier swung back and forth as if it had been whacked with a broomstick. The cobwebs  adorning it fluttered in the artificial breeze. As we walked in, the lights flickered from one room to another in a pattern. It was completely eerie.

“Grab him,” Trevor ordered to the others. They fixed their hungry eyes on me and smirked so evilly that I felt sick to my stomach. I backed up towards the staircase  while talking fast, trying to be calm as I could.

“What are you doing?” I demanded. “Get your hands off of me. Why are you grabbing me?”

“For your transformation. You’re going to become one of us; a vampire.”  The last two words made a chill run up my spine and with that I shuddered and heard a faint


Darkness surrounded me, and the faces of my supposed “friends” disappeared from sight, leaving me alone in the dark.


A sharp pain coursed through my neck and back as I sat up. I tried to adjust to my surroundings. Everything was pitch black until I turned around and discovered a small flaring light. As my eyes focused on the light, I navigated myself through the darkness. The light grew larger and larger with every step I took. I was afraid of the people here and wanted to move back to my old town.

These people are crazy.

Torches on either side of the wall provided light, and a long narrow plank bobbed up and down in the murky water. I heard a loud crash behind me. I knew that they were down here now. I quickly stepped onto the plank and balanced myself as best I could. After six steps, I heard a shout from behind me and instantly knew that it was Trevor’s voice.

“This way, hurry!” I was halfway across when I lost my balance. I threw my arms out in circles like a baby chick flapping it’s wings for the first time. I regained my balance and quickly rushed across the plank.

With my heart pounding, I reached out and opened the door that was on the other side. Cobwebs, dust, and mold covered every inch of the room. I searched for an exit,or another door to rush through, but there was no way out. Cabinets and cupboards lined the room, and in the center rested an old hospital bed. The sheets were mounded with dirt and covered in silky, stringy webs.

I searched through every cupboard and found nothing but pints of blood. I began rummaging through the cabinets frantically. Footsteps approached the wooden door and I knew there was no lock to it. I quickly opened the last cabinet door and prayed that it hid a weapon with which I could defend myself. To my surprise I found a a butcher knife with a layer of dust on it. It didn’t matter. I grabbed it and prepared myself as I saw the door slowly open.

Those things aren’t going to get me I thought to myself as I ran full speed and thrust my knife into the air. My plan was simple:take as many of them with me as I could.

Follow along from the beginning

Party of the Innocent pt. 1 – Takoda Poindexter


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