Five-Hundred Word Challenge 182: A Flower and a Fish — Stupidity Hole


Once upon a time there was a flower that was growing on the gown of a cabbage made from royal cheese.

It decided that it was going to go on a journey of sorts, so it said to a fish that it once knew by the grape vine “take me to wherever dreams go to live between the space where they die”.

Not willing to cause some sort of fuss, the fish happily obliged and off they went through the sky under the ground between the soil in order to find their way to freedom against the tyranny of the mouse emperor.

It looked like all was going to be dark until the fish realised that it had its taxes on it, so using the power of the flower and magic fire breath, the taxes were used as a makeshift torch, shooting illuminated bananas all over the place until everyone had enough potassium to glow with the indignation required to banish the darkness from the path ahead.

Eventually the unthinkable duo came to a wall that even they, with their almighty combination of powers could not surmount. It was then that they realised that they would have to tunnel under and hope for the best, lest they be cast into a spiral of despair that would consume the hearts of men and torture the souls of women.

So they began their perilous decision deciding in order to find the solution that was required. They tried knocking, smacking, walking, talking fishing, growing, eating, gnawing, blowing up, construction, running, peace, VIOLENCE, and everything else they could possibly consider until the sun that they were working by could no longer support them with everything they required from the sun, despite the fact that they were deep underground.

Then, when all hope seemed lost, they found their solution: opening the door in the wall.
Relieved, they continued on.

It was full of merriment and wonder, visuals and other stuff that couldn’t be described here without twisting ones tongue into impossible positions. They continued on without stopping and reckless abandon was had.

Eventually they reached a manatee of great wisdom. In its mouth was a sewer pipe and it looked as ornery as it did raging. There was no choice. A confrontation would have to occur in order to reach the solution required to go to this mythical dream place.

Turning red, the background stepped into the foreground as the flower began to muscle up its dialogue to prepare for lengthy, antiquated debate that had not been heard for many a generation.

The fish went into a meditative state and began breathing backward in order to heighten its fab gill reaction.

The manatee noticed this and, in sensing the trouble that would arise, flew off into the sunset, knowing that one day there would be places it would be required to help save from the great injustices of the moon, for it would dare profane the lives of those seeking out a more peaceful existence.

The time it took to write five-hundred words: 09:05:35

I wrote this.

That’s all I have to say on the subject.

Written at work.

via Five-Hundred Word Challenge 182: A Flower and a Fish — Stupidity Hole


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