Symptoms of a Moment – Austin L. Wiggins


Within a moment. A woman in a flower dress plastered with daisies dropped to one knee in front of the fountain and proposed to the man before her. His eyes beamed first and the smile came second. His lips parted a simple but stunned, “Yes”. A mother and her son walked side by side towards the market. The child stopped to tie his shoe but the woman didn’t notice. She turned back once she noticed her child missing from her side. In the hustle of the square she’d lost focus.


Within a moment. Birds overhead had finished their mating calls and brought a silence of music on to their passive listeners. Some flew away but some stayed too. The wind blew cool and refreshing, passing through the trees with an easy grace. Some leaves fell. They were orange and fading.


A lone man having rigged the square with explosives stood in the square. Next to the new fiancé the man triggered the detonator. The explosion sounded and the silence left by the bird was filled with cries and screams. The man who’d smiled at his love had his innards plastered on brick behind him and the child who’d been left behind smashed with a piece of marble from the fountain. Within a moment. Everything that was beautiful had vanished and what remained was a reminder of death.



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2 thoughts on “Symptoms of a Moment – Austin L. Wiggins

  1. I am going to be honest about this post. I did not press the like because it is not something I like. I am not saying there is no truth in it but it is not something I would read. It for me is not enjoyable to read about someone who kills and injures innocent people for no reason other than a sick mind.


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