6 Reasons why Writing is Awesome! ✍ — Scripted Sheet


I was thinking about this the other day, what do I feel while writing? why do I write? What do I get in the end? So I decided to pen down my thoughts on this.

  • Writing is something that takes me somewhere else while I write, wherever I want to be, with whom I want to be, it just fills my heart with whatever I need in that moment.
  • Writing affects our brain similar to what meditation does. It clears out the grief, boosts my imagination power (which is fractured by technology and tv). It helps me with good health and a good night sleep.😇
  • Writing preserves my memories and stories which would have been lost otherwise. I keep writing about my good days, my bad days (good days more) in order to preserve them for future and cherish these memories for life!
  • Writing is an art and art has to be perfected with practice, it only grows with time. I have seen the improvement in my writings. When I see my first post when I actually started writing in a diary and this post, I feel delighted. How far have I come and I only aspire to do better.
  • It’s something that helps me know the hidden corners of my own self. Whenever I start writing, I myself haven’t planned the content and carry no idea about it. But once I start with it, everything comes on it’s own. Doesn’t it feel amazing when something takes out the hidden thoughts of yours without your even realising it?
  • Whenever I feel low, I write. It helps me vent out my feelings and calms my mind. Also it feels amazing when people do read and feel your feelings and also express their thoughts. I feel heard at that moment. Thanks to all of you who take out time to read my posts! 😊

Life is too short not to write..! Pen down your thoughts and share with me! ✍☺

via 6 Reasons why Writing is Awesome! ✍ — Scripted Sheet


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