The Best Writing Playlist: Songs For Every Step — The Artful Author

I compiled a list of all my favorite songs to listen to while writing.  (Or while doing math, science, or art.)  Most are instrumental, unless indicated.  Most can be found on youtube, amazon prime music, or pandora.  I tend to like AudioMachine and John Williams, but I listen to all of these songs regularly while writing.  Enjoy!

Songs for Tension and Battle  (The dramatic part in your writing)

Guardians at the Gate – Audiomachine

Heart of Courage – Thomas Bergersen

Protectors of the Earth – Thomas Bergersen

Akkadian Empire – Audiomachine

Enamorus – Jo Blakenberg

I Will Find Him – Hans Zimmer

Dream is Collapsing – Hans Zimmer

The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme) – John Williams

Aqua Vitae – Future World Music

Songs for Victory

Across the Horizon – AudioMachine

Leaving the Nest – AudioMachine

Breaking Through – AudioMachine

Transcendence – AudioMachine

The Kingdom Above the Sky – Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream

Myths and Adventures – Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream

Raiders of the Lost Ark – John Williams

Music for the Happy Times (Though they may be few)

Theme From Far and Away – John Williams

You’ve got a Friend in Me – Mark Northam (You can find all piano versions)

The Entertainer – Scott Joplin

Spirit of Freedom – Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream

Music for Rising Action (Or quite possibly, the denouement)

Illumination – Jennifer Thomas

Lord of the Rings – The Piano Guys

Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra – John Williams (Boston Pop Orchestra)

Time – Hans Zimmer

Titanium/Pavane –  The Piano Guys

Aqua Vitae – Future World Music

The Black Rider – Howard Shore

An Unfinished Life – AudioMachine

Music for the Stressful Moments where you can make your readers stay up past their bedtime wanting to know how it will end up:

The Starkiller – John Williams

Hegwig’s Theme – John Williams

The King of the Golden Hall – Howard Shore

Rey’s Theme – John Williams

Mombasa – Hans Zimmer

Requiem for a Dream – The London Ensemble

He’s a Pirate – The Soundtrack Orchestra (Can be used in above category)

Calm Music for the Peaceful Moments:

Passes – Helen Jane Long

Let it Go (From Frozen) – Mauro Costa

Vanilla Twilight – Piano Tribute Conservatory (Owl City)

The Aviators – Helen Jane Long

Breathe – Cillo

Greenland – Emancipator

The Breaking of the Fellowship (In Dreams) – Howard Shore (Includes some singing)

May it Be – Enya (Lord of the Rings) (Includes some singing)


Well, that’s a wrap!  What are your favorite songs to listen to while writing?

via The Best Writing Playlist: Songs For Every Step — The Artful Author


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