The Flight from Lioth Bat — Pen and Grid Paper

After a long hiatus, more back story stuff!  For everyone wondering and even those who couldn’t care less, this is where the Dragon’s Servant got her start.

They were so lucky to have gotten away. It was, however, a Pyrrhic luck. Better than half the population was dead. Half the rest were crippled in mind or body, in many cases both. Dragonfear had that effect.

Aliara walked beside Bodhranny, perhaps the only one among them upon whom the Dragon’s presence had not wrought terrible nightmares. Alone of all of them, the bard smiled in her heart. Aliara envied her.

Bodhranny was not smiling the next morning. Despite the illusions their mages used to hide the refugees, she cradled the man eldest among them. So old his magic could no longer keep even the glamour of health upon him, he was yet dead before his time. No mark of claw or poison breath upon his body, it looked as though he’d been struck forcefully about the head, caving in his temple.

Two more were dead at the end of the next night, and the night after that. One night out from their destination, the survivors awoke to find every mageling child dead. Amidst the keening of mothers and weeping of fathers, Bodhranny confided to Aliara that she had begun to share in the nightmares which afflicted their people.

The next day they reached the site where they would found their new city, Lioth Tethys. The mages raised a shield to abjure the Dragon and all under her influence. Aliara was alone with Bodhranny when the bard complained of a headache and left the crude structure in which they were resting. No one but the scouts who patrol beyond the city walls has seen her since.

via The Flight from Lioth Bat — Pen and Grid Paper


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