Writing to Music: 2/22

Happy Wednesday everyone. The middle of the week is tough, and some of you might already be running out of steam. Today, we wanted to share what we were listening to to hopefully get you motivated. Music can be inspirational, for every person and every profession. For writers, it can help create tone, imagery, or plant the acorn of an idea that eventually becomes an oak. Take a listen to today’s chosen song and see what it does for you. We made sure to use the clean version – sorry to the music purists who don’t believe in censoring the work of artists, we just want to keep it friendly.


A lot of rap deals with the daily hustle. This song in particular…”Put in work, work.” Writers know all about the hustle, about what it means to physically have to put in the time to make things happen, rather than letting the ticking clock pay out an hourly wage.

Does it make you want to write? Do you have a new idea floating around in your head? Tell us about it below, and share your experiences with music and writing.


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