Dythoids: What in the World is a Dythoid? — Courteney Levet

As I mentioned in a previous post, this story idea came to me in the form of a dream. Now, there was a lot going on in that dream. It was a really wild ride, and, unfortunately, not every aspect will make it into this novel. A detail that is here to stay, though, is the word “Dythoid.” It is not a real word and I have no clue how my mind came up with it, but that is what the objects are, without a doubt.

There are three of them, the Dythoids, each representing a different thing: Time, Location, and Form. They look like a rapidly spinning gyroscope with a hologram of the Earth in the center. Each of the three, for protection,  is encased in its own metal sphere. These lockable spheres are made from a red alien metal and have a locking mechanism that can be likened to a cross between a Rubik’s Cube and a fingerprint scanner.

What the Dythoids actually do and how they are used is a secret that readers will have to discover alongside Stasia.

via Dythoids: What in the World is a Dythoid? — Courteney Levet


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