Writing Without Passion Isn’t Really Writing — Writing in Real Time


Note: This is an opinion piece so please take it as such.

I consider Writing to be something that involves a certain level of passion. You know that special thrill when you create something that totally blows your doors off? You know what I mean.

I know my posts have strayed into publishing of late, but I want to get back to what really matters: Writing and Storytelling, which are more important, in my opinion, than how many books you’ve sold or where you rank on Amazon’s Bestseller List.

The truth is that it’s hard for me to care much about book sales and rankings when my principal joy is in the creation of each story. I love immersing myself in the story worlds that I create from nothing and watch my characters navigate through the trials and tribulations of what I put them through…hehe.

I haven’t felt passion in my writing consistently for a while now and part of that has been that I fell prey to a piece of advice given to me by another author, whose experience blinded me to my own way of creating. I won’t mention names because it’s not fair to shine a light on someone who’s advice was given in good faith. What was that advice?

“Don’t listen to Music while you write because it’s a distraction.”

It sounds like solid advice on the surface and it probably works for them, but to me, Music helps to focus my thoughts and when I’m focused, the level of Passion is out of this world. Without that musical catalyst, I feel like I’m merely typing on a keyboard. I’ve tried to go without several times but it doesn’t work for me.

I guess the bottom line is that if you are doing something that helps you to get jazzed up about what you are writing, don’t let anyone dissuade you from it. It’s your thing and you got this.

Now get going. You should be Writing. But don’t take my word for it. I’ve brought in a guest to back me up:

Batman Says Write

via Writing Without Passion Isn’t Really Writing — Writing in Real Time


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