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     As most of you have probably realized, I love to listen to music when I write.  To get myself in the writer mood, I almost always turn on the genre of music that fits the type of music of whichever character I will be living that day.  If I have time, I also enjoy sitting in silence and looking at the world from that character’s eyes, picking a writing prompt and writing a couple of pages about my character that may have nothing to do with my book, or even taking some personality tests in the head of my character.  These are just a few things that get me pumped about writing.


     My writing routine is very frugal, and I have all the motivation in the world before I start writing. I sit down and immediately, the words just start flowing. All of my writing sounds just as good in my head as it does on the page, and I never edit anything whatsoever, because it’s perfect. I’ve landed a book contract already.

There’s no nice way to put it. I bribe myself. I sit down with a bowl of a snack (chocolate chips, normal chips, something good), a full water glass, and skimread the chapter I wrote before so I know I’m starting at the right point. Then, I figure out which soundtrack I want to listen to depending on the mood of the chapter(s) I’m writing. I use Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars for most chapters, with LOTR for intense battle scenes and Les Mis for death scenes. Sometimes I listen to other instrumental songs, but I find rotating through the same soundtracks helps a lot. If you listen to the same soundtrack every time you write, your brain switches into ‘writing mode’ the second you turn on. However, I’d get bored if I listened to the same track every single time, so I mix it up. Finally, if none of this is working, I take whatever current book(s) I’m reading and my phone, give it to a family member, and tell them to not give it back to me until I’m done. It’s hard, but it works.


I almost always start with some sort of drink. Usually it’s hot tea in some fruity flavor, but every once in awhile I will make myself some coffee. Water is always a good choice – make sure you stay hydrated during writing marathons! I generally listen to Pandora while I write. If I’m doing a high energy scene, I’ll listen to stuff like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Twenty-One Pilots, etc. If I am writing a mellow scene or I really need to focus, then I will listen to contemporary classical music. My favorites are Yiruma and Helen Jane Long. Sometimes I’ll LARP (Live Action Roleplay) to get into my character’s heads, and writing with my friends definitely helps! We will take all of our characters and put them into a random situation to understand how they act and react in different situations. These things help me get a lot of writing done!


It takes so much for me to get into the mood. First, I’ll go on a death defying journey to get into the head of my characters. Then I take pixie dust, and sprinkle it over my computer to make sure I don’t lose my creativity as I write- and I know what you’re probably thinking now. You’re probably thinking along the lines of “Cute joke, but none of this is realistic.” And you would be right! So what I actually do is that I’ll re-read what I already wrote, open up Youtube and pick songs that go with the character’s personality or scene that I’m writing, then I go to the program that I write with and just let the words pour out of my fingers. There really isn’t much that I require unless I  have a writer’s block. If I have writer’s block, then I write a short paragraph that I find fun to write (because half the reason why writers have writer’s block is because we can’t think of anywhere else to go with our story, we’re bored with our own story, or we’re dreading to write a certain part of our story) or I do personality tests with my characters. Maybe I’ll plan a little with where I want my book to go but I rarely do that. I either brainstorm the general outline of what my story will look like then I let my fingers fly or I just write without even thinking about what I want to have happen. The biggest thing for me is that I gotta be feeling creative and excited for my writing, otherwise whatever I’m writing lacks it’s luster.

-Your Whimsical Wordsmiths 😉

via Our Routines to Get Us in the Writing Mood. — Whimsical Wordsmiths


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