Man – Jem Bonotan



Flesh and bones and magic

Jemaimah Bonotan, October 8, 2016

Man is not just a mere mind trapped inside a body. He is not just flesh and bones being kept alive by the soul. He is the sum of his decisions and actions; the entirety of his past, his present, and the future he dreams of. The path he takes is the life he lives, and the life he lives is the kind of man he is. But it doesn’t all end there.

He may be his life, but he is also the lives he has touched and the passions he has awakened; he is the hugs he gives out to and the words he shares and the love he gives. He is his fears and his desires. But most importantly he is the person he chooses to be at this exact moment, and the person he chooses to be next year, and the year after that…and so on. After all, man is ever dynamic, continuously on the brink of creating change… never constant, just like life itself. That doesn’t make him many things though. Instead, that makes him many things en masse.

But in the midst of being all that, man has his share of pain and wrongdoings, and he will continue to do so. But that’s okay… because despite of all he is, he is imperfect and that’s the way he should be.

Man can only be man if he remains to be flawed, and that’s quite all right. After all, flaws tell a story much more engrossing and eye-opening than any other story told by perfection. For in flaws there is beauty. In flaws there is growth. And in flaws there is always adventure.

So love your flaws, human; accept the stories they tell and showcase the beauty they possess. And most of all, yield to the growth they encourage and take on the adventures they stir. Your imperfections may not fully outline the person that you are but they’re a part of you, you know. Always. Through your precious years, learn to accept them, love; heck, love them, and no one could ever use them against you. Not ever again.

Believe me.

Yes, just another one of the same species as you, right here. Scarred and flawed. But believe me, darling and take a second to think about the wonders of how the man above, the heavens, the earth and the sky, the Big Bang or whatever force in the universe you believe created all of these, the same one that created the majestic oceans and the grandiose of thunderstorms, thought that the world could also use someone as intricate and as beautiful as you.


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