Kit Valentine, RN pt. 14 – Jessa Chase


Mark had ingested an entire large bottle of soy sauce, on a dare like Robert had originally thought. The effects had not been immediate and so no one had thought anything was wrong when they walked to the field to practice. Two innings in and Mark had gone down out in left field, his body seizing as he fell victim to dangerous hypernatremia.

Robert ordered multiple IVs of sugar water to be pumped into Mark to normalize his sodium levels, and a night in the ICU to watch him for any additional seizures. He was hopeful and saw good signs from Mark when he opened his eyes for a minute before being transferred upstairs.

He left Mark in the very capable hands of the transport staff and went looking for Kit. He wanted to talk to before his meeting. Wanted to talk about the night before, wanted to ask her what it all meant.

“Dr. Whiting?” a slight woman with dark black hair stood in the hallway, holding a clipboard to her chest. She looked about 12, he thought, but he didn’t know a lot of 12 year olds who looked so serious.


“The board is ready to talk to you, if you’ll come with me.”

He made one last glance around, looking for Kit, before he sighed and followed the secretary down the hall to the boardroom.
Kit waited outside of the boardroom; she was anxious to finish the conversation she’d started with Robert before the paramedics had interrupted them. She didn’t know what she wanted from him, but she knew neither of them would get what they needed if they didn’t talk it out. She was tired of letting the voice of doubt run her life. She was ready to take chances, make crazy leaps.

When the doors opened and Robert stepped out, Kit was pretty sure she could feel her heart beating right out of her chest. Before she could say a single word, he closed the distance between them and scooped her up in his arms. He kissed her like he’d kissed her the night before-slowly, passionately, and with every intention of following through with more when they were in private. She wrapped her legs around his waist and didn’t care if the whole hospital saw them.

He backed into a nearby exam room and shut the door, walking with her toward the bed until the backs of her knees hit the mattress. She kept her legs around him, running her fingers through his hair and pulling him tightly against her.

“What was that for?” She said as they came up for breath. He loved the way her hair looked after he kissed her. She looked like the heroine of a trashy romance novel with her sexy red ringlets all tangled and loose around her face.

“That was for a hell of a good save with Mark. That was for being a hell of a nurse, and making me a hell of a better doctor just for being around you.”

Kit laughed and kissed him again. They lost themselves in each other for a moment; he briefly considered whether the door to the room had a lock on it or not and whether he really cared.

“I thought you were going to leave,” she said.

“What? Why would I leave?”

“Rumor has it that Chicago was tempting you back.”

“Hell no,” he said adamantly, looking into her eyes to emphasize what he was saying. “Chicago has nothing I want and nothing I need. Not anymore.”

“What was the meeting about then?”

Robert looked up, as if just remembering what he’d been doing before his entire world revolved around kissing the breath out of Kit.

“Oh, that.” He said. “Is that really what people thought? That we were meeting because I was quitting?”

Kit nodded. She bit her lip and it took every bit of Robert’s self control not to strip her naked right there.

“We were meeting because I had asked the board for some additional funding so we could get the staff the skills refreshers that I wanted. They approved my request. No nursing shortages to maneuver around, and everybody gets the training they need.”

“So you’re not leaving?” Kit repeated.

“Why would I leave?” He replied, a happy smile on his face and in his heart. “Everything I want is right here. In my hospital and in my arms.”

The End


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