The Truth Healer – J. Gabriel-Smith

‘The Truth Healer’

A Riveting Spiritual Thriller

by J.Gabriel-Smith


Chloe Messenger’s life is turned upside down when she is made redundant from her job. Scared, yet elated, from being set free from a career she had fallen out of love with, she doesn’t realize that a fateful meeting with the beautiful and ethereal Tatiana is about to change her life forever. Chosen and initiated into the magical and mystical world of The Truth Circle, she embarks on her first mission: to find out what happened to missing seven year old Rosie Parker. With Rosie’s parents, Lucy and Tom Parker, still seeking out the truth, will Chloe’s clandestine interventions finally lead them to the closure they desperately seek? Join her on her roller coaster journey of discovery to find out.


Amazon Reviews:

‘As described, riveting all through, the reader feels the heartache of loss and the he constant anticipation of the unfolding story. Haven’t read such A good book in a long while.’

‘A fantastic read! I was hooked by the great story line and couldn’t put it down! I had to read the last third of the book in one go!’

‘This mystery builds up gradually, taking its time to build up the characters and get you hooked on them before the plot speeds up and eventually gets you desperate to find out what is really happening. It really is a page turner with a masterfully thought-out plot.

I love the psychic aspect, which adds an original new level to the story and avoids turning it into yet another police procedural story.

This had me spellbound and I can’t wait to read more from this new author.’



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