To My Great Love – Jem Bonatan


To My Great Love

A love history books will never forget

Jemaimah B. Bonotan, October 25, 2016

Hello, love. Yeah, you right there with the kind eyes and the warmest of smiles; with the heart filled with art, and music, and passion, and overflowing with love. Yeah of course, you, silly. I’m gonna take care of you, you know… really good care of you. I mean why wouldn’t I? After all, you’re gonna be the love of my life.

You may not know me yet, and as much as I want to say I already know the perfection that is you, I don’t. Not yet, love. But I will… and I’m going to. That, I guarantee. The universe just hasn’t thought of a setup yet for the very first interaction of our complex hearts. It still hasn’t made up its mind on where and when would be best for our worlds to collide. Well, I kind of think it feels compelled to make it the best first meeting in the record of first meetings, because it somehow knows I would write about it forever. I would write about how that certain second of a glance would change the course of my entire life. It knows I wouldn’t let that moment die so it feels obliged to make that moment worth writing about. And now, it’s taking its time to cook up the best occurrence to be told over and over in a course of a lifetime. But, that’s quite alright. The universe can take its damn time ‘cause I can wait for you. I’m waiting for you… something tells me you’re gonna be worth it, love. You’re gonna be worth it all.

It may be a day from today or it may stretch for years and years, but your soul is bound to bump into mine one way or another; and in that moment, our little piece of forever would begin. We would fall in love and the world’s gonna talk about how it lit up the night skies. Darling, we’re gonna make love sound magical again… even to the lonely… even to the broken. We would fall in love and make this dark and brokenhearted domain see even the faintest of lights. We would make the world hopeful again.

But I’m not asking for too much, though. We could just be on the same long line getting coffee or we could just stand next to each other at a Green Day concert… Or I could just bump into you in a corner of a lonely street and from there, everything’s gonna go the way it’s supposed to go.

The universe knows I’m gonna relive that moment over and over on a piece of paper, but I do hope it also knows that no matter how cliché our first meeting will be, I’m still gonna keep on writing about it for the rest of my life. You know why? Because I know this cliché beginning will lead me to the most epic middle. It will lead me to a great love, a love greater than all the great loves you and I thought we had altogether. Baby, I’m gonna make even the most artless of encounters sound like the greatest piece of artwork.

Our love deserves that. You deserve that.

So yeah, I hope you’re waiting for me too.

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