Kit Valentine, RN pt. 9 – Jessa Chase


“This is me,” Kit said as they stood at the bottom of the stairs that led to her front door. Her apartment was part of a large Victorian home that had been converted some years before into three apartments. She had an overly large studio which took up the majority of the top floor, with two other families residing downstairs.

They’d ducked inside to avoid the sudden downpour that had belted them as they exited his car. Now, damp and laughing, they huddled together for warmth as much as for comfort.

She wished she could blame her constant pink cheeks on alcohol, but truth be told she’d only drank half a beer. No, it was much more likely that her blush was related to the man who was standing too close, the man who smelled too good and touched her too casually to be ignored.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” Robert said as he moved his lips toward hers. He claimed her like he’d kissed her a hundred times, with a passion that Kit hadn’t felt in longer than she cared to admit. He wrapped her up in his arms and kissed the breath right out of her, leaving her weak and clinging to him.

“Wow,” marveled Kit. “That was…wow.”

Robert laughed, his lips still barely touching hers. “I agree wholeheartedly.” He kissed her again, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to remember that they were still in a public space and not quite in her apartment.

She bit her lip and moaned as she came to a decision in her mind. “Damnit.” She said after a moment. “I have to go. Like, now, before…”

“Before you invite me in.”


He chuckled, but he let her go after one more kiss.

“I’ll see you on Monday,” he said as he turned to head outside


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