I’m a “Designer” now? — Fiction by Rachael Ritchey

No, not like a fancy pair of designer jeans. I’m stepping in to a world of book cover design about which I’m pretty sure I only have the iceberg’s tip of knowledge but can’t wait to learn more. There are legal things that freak me out, a lot, but that would happen with just about any business I started. I have felt this before, with publishing, but the more I learn the less scary it becomes.

So I’m not fancy or perfect or THE best, but I’m here and I’m a hard worker with a passion for designing book covers. I design my own. I have literally looked at the covers of published books–ones I’ve read and some I haven’t–and just for the heck-of-it, designed new covers for them.

I want to help you design your next book cover! Pick me, pick me! I can be professional, but I also hope you’ll find that I’m a regular average joe sort of gal that you can be honest with and share your dreams with (about your book!) so that we can make something you can be proud to display as the perfect outfit for your book baby.

Here’s a sample of one of the cover’s I’ve designed:


And here is the page: Book Designs by Rachael that you can click on to see more of the pre-made covers I have up for sale as well as all the info and contact box to get started on your very own reasonably priced, full service book design.

I think we’ll have the easiest time working together if we get to know each other, so feel free to peruse my blog and find out more about me and my work. You can even do a search for book covers to see some of the history here involving my own book designs and how far I’ve already come.

I’m going to do my best to stay away from stock photos and the added price they require, unless that is a route you are willing to take. The price of stock photos varies and the licenses connected to the number of book sales or use can vary by photo and stock photo company. I use some (but not all) photos from pixabay.com because of their “public domain”/CC0 status on photos uploaded. I wish I could say that everyone who uploads there is 100% legit, but I’m not totally naive . . . only a little. If I use any recognizable faces in covers I will verify with the photo’s author that they have a signed release from the model. But beyond that you’ll be responsible for gaining and verifying permissions.

I think I will specialize in book covers for things like contemporary, mystery, romance, scifi/fantasy, action, thriller, & nonfic. I won’t do anything erotic or pornographical, so skip me if that’s what you’re looking for. Aside from that, this will be fun!

Please bear with me as you help me learn how the pros do it! I’m excited to help make your dream a reality.


via I’m a “Designer” now? — Fiction by Rachael Ritchey


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