Font Freebies / 13 — Ciao Bella!


Font FreebiesAs I look back over the stories I read, the characters I met, and the authors I discovered this year, an additional element stands out: the covers of the books themselves! The releases from the past twelve month are rich with examples of excellent artistic direction, from the minimalistic beauty Girl in Pieces to the captivating photograph gracing If I Was Your Girl. I’d happily frame any of them on my bedroom wall, and furthermore, designing book covers seems all the more appealing of a career 🙂 {Psst. If you’re just as big of a cover fanatic as I, pop on over to The Novel Hermit, where Cee has created a set of awards devoted solely to covers of YA books}.

With so much inspiration at my fingertips – or better said, in my bookshelf – I felt it was time for another round of Font Freebies, a series in which I share my favorite downloads from designers around the web. I’ve collected many a font as of late, including Regina Black {who can resist its “friendly, meet funky” design?} and Queen of Heaven {the script letterforms are a delight}. What creative typefaces have you been using this month?

font-freebies-13Regina Black / Better Together / Queen of Heaven / Semringah / DK Bintang / KG Who Tells Your Story

The title is in Lemon Tuesday.

Have an amazing start to your weekend!


via Font Freebies / 13 — Ciao Bella!


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