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Okay, so I was watching this E! reality show called Below Deck. It’s about a yacht crew and their jobs with a bit of typical E! drama. There was one episode where the chief stewardess was describing each crew member as a font. So, naturally, that got me thinking. And when I start thinking, it almost always leads to blogging.

What font best describes me? I was always a fan of the font Hobo (which got deleted in the newest MS Word), but I wouldn’t say it was me. And for the name, I do like Broadway, but that’s not me either. There’s a difference between liking a font enough to use it in essays/writing/whatnot and identifying with it. I’ve never had to consider this before.

So after spending way too much time analyzing fonts, I’m proud to share that I’ve decided that the font that best captures me is Viner Hand ITC.


Here’s why this font is an accurate representation of me:

  • It’s completely legible, as I am a pretty standard and honest human
  • It’s fun, but not in a overly crazy way, as I am always down to have fun but I can be responsible too
  • It’s a serif font, as I am a rule abider for the most part and a low-key perfectionist
  • It looks like a handwritten font, as I am very a casual person
  • It’s slightly fancy as I do perceive to be somewhat put together and mature
  • It’s different but not really all that memorable, as I feel like I usually am

So now I invite you to decide what font represents you. Below is the best image of all the fonts I could find. You may have to zoom in to really explore them (ctrl + zero to return to regular zoom). There are so many fonts out there that are never used, but they’re still interesting, so take some time to check them out and decide what fits you best. And seriously, if any of you think that Comic Sans is your font, I will find your address, come to your house, and punch you in the face. No one’s font is Comic Sans. Unless you’re Jerry.

comic sans jerry

Damn it, Jerry

ms word fonts

Leave a comment telling me your font! I know it’s a really stupid activity but it’s fun and an interesting thing to know. Take five minutes and really look inside yourself. Get deep, y’all.

That’s all for now!

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