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When writing gives me lemons; painful episodes of writer’s block, dull characters, sagging plots, confidence issues, negative feedback and a head full of creative demons – I make lemonade!

I have made so much lemonade recently with my writing lemons that I am actually getting quite good at it.

Here is how I make lemonade when writing gives me a bitter taste of lemon:

  1. Yoga. I swear Yoga is magical. It seems to realign the cogs in my head. After 15 minutes of some Downward Facing Dog, High Planks, Low Planks and Warrior Poses I feel a lot better and I get a boost of positivity.
  2. Meditation. This clever exercise clears the mind. It calms me down and gives me focus. I wish I had discovered this last year when writing gave me some serious lemons.
  3. Gratitude. I practice writing gratitude. I think about all the things I am grateful for in my creative life; my wonderful writing friends, my characters who make me smile on a daily basis, my stories, my blog, all my fabulous followers, my podcast and the decision I made when I turned 40 to follow my writing dream.
  4. Fresh Air. So simple and so effective.
  5. Creative Podcasts. At the moment my go-to podcast is Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcast. Listening to her give advice to other writers is really therapeutic and interesting. She also has a really soothing and calming voice! I also have a huge author crush going on – sigh!
  6. Trust Emergence. This is something I have learnt from Sacha Black.  When you are stuck on something or facing what seems an insurmountable problem – have patience, stop sweating about it, do something else and have faith in emergence. Your mind will work it out. It may take a few days or even weeks but if you really trust your creative mind the answer will emerge. This works!
  7. Tweet your issue and add a comedy GIF.  I find the eye roll GIFS are the best and always make me feel better.
  8. Get some perspective. No one is going to die from my sagging plot and lifeless characters.
  9. Enjoy the struggle. I accept that when my writing challenges me, I grow as a writer. So I might as well enjoy the pain!
  10. Smile!

Turn those writing lemons into lemonade!

Stay strong – we are all doing a great job 🙂

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