Book Covers: Exploring Typefaces — Tuesdays & Thursdays


For this session we were looking specifically at typefaces illustrators use when designing book covers and what these typefaces mean. We were given a selection of books (without reading the blurb) and told to assign them to different genres purely based on the covers. This meant we had to really think about what the designer was wanting to portray when creating the covers, considering the mood, theme, age etc.

We were given a choice of three words: HOTEL, SORROW & LOVE and were told to choose one of them then choose three different genres e.g. romance, horror and fantasy, and then create a typeface for each genre and write that word in the chosen typeface. The image above is my attempt at doing this, I found this task quite difficult as I like having imagery in front of me to work from, so having to do something from the top of my head was a challenge.

The next task was to create a quick book cover made up from found imagery and text that we think relates to the book we have chosen (we were given a list of books, I chose To Kill a Mockingbird). I started off by mind mapping what I felt were the main themes/moods of TKAMB and from there I went up to the library and started looking at typefaces that I felt really showed these themes. If you want to see the book I looked through click here.


I then did a very quick collage of an idea I had in my head for a cover, again I struggle when I don’t get time to plan things out so this was only a very rough idea, it was more like a physical thumbnail.


Here I photocopied some handmade paper to get the textured background then cut out the bird and tree from coloured paper and letter press stamped the words. I think this is a good start as far as thumbnails and initial designs go but I will definitely be doing something a lot more thought out and sophisticated (hopefully).

via Book Covers: Exploring Typefaces — Tuesdays & Thursdays


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