Kit Valentine, RN pt. 4 – Jessa Chase


Even after a blissful ride to work the next morning, Kit’s mood was sour. She’d gone home the night before still angry at the way that Dr. Whiting had treated her, and had taken out her frustrations on the punching bag she’d hung the previous Christmas in her apartment. She’d hoped that her mood would improve by the next morning, but stepping into the ER she felt a dark cloud descend upon her.

This wasn’t like Kit at all. She was known for being able to make something good out of anything, and she could usually be counted on to be a ray of sunshine in a sometimes tumultuously stormy emergency room. Something about the man, Dr. Robert Whiting, was sticking in her like a thorn in her paw, and it wasn’t letting go anytime soon.

He annoyed her. He was cocky and so sure of himself, the way some doctors got when they didn’t have a strong-willed nursing staff to call them on their shit. He had challenged her ideas and her actions in a way she hadn’t experienced very often and she wasn’t sure if it frustrated her or intrigued her.

“Kate,” Robert stuck out his hand as she walked past, his fingers wrapping around her wrist like an iron vice. She stopped in her tracks and tried to ignore her heart beating double-time in her chest.


“What did I say?”

“You said Kate, multiple times in fact. My name isn’t Kate. It’s Kit. Or Katherine if you really want to be formal but I probably won’t answer to it so you are better off with Kit.”

Robert watched her as she spoke and he looked amused in a way that really just pissed Kit off more. In truth, he was watching her lips, the way they formed a perfect little Cupid’s bow when she talked. They were such a perfect pink, flush against the paleness of her skin. Well, it did things to him, there was no doubt about that.

“Kit,” he started again. “I want you to work with me today.”

“We don’t do that around here,” she countered as she tried to pull her wrist back from him. “It’s not one nurse to one doctor around her. Like I said, we don’t have the staff for that.”

He held on tight. “Regardless, I want you with me today. You seem to know a lot about this place and how it works, even if you do seem to use it to your advantage at times. I’d like to have you near me and maybe we’ll both learn something from each other.”

Kit scoffed but she knew better than to talk back at that point. After all, the man was her boss and he sounded pretty serious about the threat of unemployment he made the day before in regards to her. She knew better than to test her luck too much further.

“Fine,” she said after a moment. “I’m with you. It’s a complete waste of resources, but whatever. You’re the boss.”

She looked shocked for a moment, like she couldn’t believe she’d just said that out loud. Like she was pretty sure she’d just been thinking it. The look on her face made Robert smile in a way he wasn’t accustomed to.

“Don’t lose that fire, Kit. We’re gonna need it around here to get all the things done I have in mind.”


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