The writing zone — L.C.W. Allingham

Friday night I had an idea. It started out as a spark, a character, a situation and it rapidly spread into a fire, a plot, subplots, background, twists, heartbreaks, climax and resolution. I wrote the first chapter and then I sat outside for fifteen minutes, staring into space. If anyone had come across me at that moment, they would have thought I was having some sort of spell.

Of course, I was. A writer’s spell.

The rest of the night I wrote out three more chapters, established a working outline and wrote the character theme melody that was playing through my head (check it out below). Since then I have been on it every night, working until one or two in the morning, adding notes, ideas and threads to my outline as the story unfolds around me.

I’ve been in the writing zone many times before, but this may be my best visit yet. With a clarity for the story that I’ve never had before, it is flowing effortlessly and if I can keep it up, this may be the fastest manuscript I’ve ever written.

Of course, there are flaws. Tons of glaring flaws that I can see as I write. The passive verbs, on my goodness, but I’m not aiming for perfect, not yet. I’m aiming to catch this magic that is occurring right now and commit it to the page before it fades out. Because the writing zone never lasts. When you get it, don’t question it, just run with it.

It is the true bliss of being a writer.

via The writing zone — L.C.W. Allingham


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