Will – Jordan Robinson



            I walked into the dilapidated house pushing the door out of the way, not caring that it had fallen off its hinges. This would be my home no longer. Heading towards the kitchen, I moved past the clutter of abandoned clothes and personal objects. There was no need for me to hurry today, I was officially the last person alive; Will’s attempt at betrayal had backfired.

“Poor guy,” I muttered to myself, not actually meaning it. Being alone, I’d probably have to make it a point to talk to myself as I’d never hear the sound of any other voice again. I reached the cabinets and pulled down all the canned goods I could find. Now that Will was food for the creature, it would certainly be heading this way when it was through. Will and I had managed to keep the creature off our scent until Will had decided to make a play to try to keep the peaches all for himself.

I tossed the remaining food into my pack and ran up the stairs to find my last change of clothes. Now that I thought about it, Will had probably wanted me gone due to the decreasing rations. In a way, I couldn’t blame him. We had been best friends since high school, but we’d also been alone in this world that no longer resembled the old one.

It was time for me to move locations now, and we almost always lost someone from the group when moving to find a new hideout due to our growing attrition (and the monster’s hunger).

I grabbed my change of clothes and paused before leaving my room. I saw the jacket I’d been admiring of Will’s. I took it and ran back down the stairs, taking two at a time. I reached the bottom step and felt a familiar chill.

“Whoops, I have less time than I thought,” I said.

“That you do,” I heard in response. I wasn’t expecting my brain to engage in conversation for a little while. I laughed, unperturbed by my lack of sanity. Although, I immediately realized I was in fact quite sane. There actually was a figure in the doorway leading into the house. Or, maybe my eyes were going too?

“Hello,” the figure said.

“Who? How?” I asked.

“The creature didn’t get me,” replied the voice I now recognized as Will’s.

I didn’t know what to think. Was he real? Was that the beast? No one had ever actually seen the beast and lived to describe it.

“What did you do with Will?” I asked.

“I am Will,” it answered.

Squinting at the figure, I took two steps forward, “Who did you take to prom?”

“Jenna.” The figure seemed to pass my test.

“Why did you do it? Why did you betray me?”

Will didn’t answer as he turned and walked down the steps of the entryway. I hustled after him and burst out of the door. I blocked the sun with my hand, looking for where my old friend had gone. I spied him in the distance walking over one of the sand dunes. I followed.

I eventually made it to the top of the dune but saw nothing but sand in the direction I had just seen Will go. I turned 180 degrees, looking back at our old home. It was still there, just as broken down as we had left it. There was nothing left for me so I faced the sand wasteland once more. For a brief moment, I saw some bodies strewn across the desert. I blinked and they were gone. There was nowhere to hide from the monster, that much became clear.

I was the last one from the dozen that survived the transition from old world to new. I didn’t know why the 12 of us survived but I couldn’t give up now. I had to carry on the memories of my fellow Potomac Ridge Behavioral Health Hospital attendees. With that, I took off down the dune and trudged through the sand, unsure if the beast would finally devour me.


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