Tainted Glass pt. 18 – Takoda Poindexter


It was only a crush, get over it. You can’t chase love, you have to let it come for you. Play your game, focus.

Meagan pressed the buttons on her controller furiously, taking out her rage on her game.

Is he a player just like Timothy? I can deal with it better than George, but earlier I fell into his arms. I couldn’t help it, my knees caved in. His hands were cold, but his chest was warm. It felt…right.

She paused her game and stared at her phone. A bright flash flew across her eyes as a new text flew onto her screen. It was from George. Terror struck her face, reading the suicide text.

“George…no!” She threw her controller down, raced to her dresser to grab her keys, but fell face-first onto the carpet. She stumbled up, swiped the keys from the dresser, and flew out of her house. “I said I’d be there for you George!” She screamed at the moon as she scrambled into her car and tried calling him.

“Hey, it’s George, I’m too busy right now. Please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you!”

“Damn it, George!”


*          *


His ringtone went off as he pulled the rope through the loop one last time, making sure it was good and tight. He let it ring until it went to voicemail. “I’m sorry Meagan, but this is what I have to do.” He grabbed the noose and headed for his room.


*          *


Meagan found herself hyperventilating because she’d never been in this type of situation before. She pressed the gas pedal to the floorboard, watching the speedometer reach sixty miles an hour. It took five minutes to get to George’s house, but every minute counted in her race to save her friend.

Where is his family? Do they not know he’s been acting strange?

The last stoplight before George’s street flickered yellow and she slammed on the brakes. “I don’t have time for this! Hurry up!” She beeped the horn repeatedly until the light flashed green.

Am I going to make it?

She pulled into the driveway, and burst through the door. “George?” There was no reply. She was having trouble breathing, but she stumbled up the stairs and found George’s door open. Her heart sank when she stepped into his room…


The End?


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