Tainted Glass pt. 16 – Takoda Poindexter


“I bet I can win at both,” Meagan teased at the door of the arcade.

“Yeah, we’ll see.” George muttered, rolling his eyes. “Just go in.”

Meagan opened the door, and then immediately shoved George back outside. “Umm, maybe we should do something else, heh.”

George raised his brow. “What are you talking about? Let’s go in and have fun.” He pushed past her and walked in.

“George, please-” but her words trailed off. George stood still, staring at Timothy as he was playing skeball with Michael.

George’s hands balled up into fists as he tried not to march over and knock his lights out. Meagan tapped his shoulder as he took a deep breath. He turned around and laughed. “Let’s go have fun! I can beat you at air hockey!”

Meagan’s lips moved, but no words or sound escaped.

“Let’s go!” He grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the air hockey table. He forced a dollar into the machine and neon lights flickered on either side of them. George grabbed the puck. “Are you ready?”

“Y-Yes,” Meagan replied with uncertainty.

George hit the puck forcefully, concentrating only on the puck.

Lies, all lies! He’s not sick, he’s on a date with him! How could he? Was I just a pawn? Did he just use me to pass his classes? This is the last time I get used.

“Grahh!” George screamed, shooting the puck straight into the pocket. “Ha! One to zip!”

Each time the puck was in range, he slammed it into Meagan’s goal with a ferocious anger.

“Seven to zip, I win!” George hopped up and down in arrogantly.


*          *


Meagan watched George jump up and down.

What’s happening to him? Why does he want to stay?

She leaned her head slightly and saw that Timothy noticed they were there. He stared at her with no emotion, his eyes as dull as the lighting in the arcade.

He truly doesn’t care for George. I want to help, but how?

            “George, let’s go play Deal or No Deal.” Meagan hurried over to the game at the back of the arcade and slipped in four quarters. “I’ll pick the suitcase we want to keep and you eliminate the ones you want.” She pressed a button at random, and then allowed George to play while she peered back at Timothy.

Her heart jumped when she saw that he was still staring at her with that cold dead stare, one more frigid than George’s hands.

He really is a creep. It’s taking all that I have not to bitch slap him. I have to keep him away from George.

An hour passed, and Meagan pulled her pockets inside out, lint falling to the ground. “I’m out of money. Let’s go cash the tickets in.” She glanced quickly around the arcade and noticed that Timothy had finally left.

“The ice-cream shop is next door, let’s go get some. We can just cash our points in next time.” George grabbed the ticket receipt and stuffed it into his pocket.

“That sounds delicious, but I don’t have any more cash on me.”

George smirked, “Well, I guess we’ll be even then. You paid for dinner; and I’ll pay for dessert.”

Meagan smiled, “Alright!”

George opened the door for her, and her chest tightened with hatred. Sitting in the corner, sharing ice cream, sat Timothy and Michael. Meagan felt a blow to her back as George moved past her.

He walked to the register and placed their order. “Two chocolate single cones.” Meagan was lost for words as she stepped up behind him.

The cashier handed him the two cones and he turned toward her.

“Here you are.” George’s mouth twisted into a malicious grin as he was handed the chocolate cone. He laughed uncontrollably, and Meagan realized she was looking at someone she no longer knew.

George raced over to the couple sitting in the back and he plunged his cone into Timothy’s face, smearing the chocolate all over him.

“You’re welcome, fuck face,” his voice was deep and haunting, as if it was someone else’s. He turned around, and then darted out of the shop while hiding his face.

“George!” called Meagan as she dashed after her friend. She burst through the exit and immediately stopped. George vanished around the corner, but through the glass pane she could see Dom getting out of the car with another girl. The cone slipped through her fingers; and the sweet dessert splattered on the sidewalk just like her heart.


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