Tainted Glass pt. 14 – Takoda Poindexter


Meagan brushed her hair silently as her thoughts raced.

Am I mad? No, there’s no reason I should be. Am I surprised? A little, because he wouldn’t come to me and tell me. He didn’t feel comfortable enough, but I thought we were friends. It’s awful that he is going through another tragic relationship. It doesn’t make sense. He is sweet, romantic, adorable, and he tries to be what you want.

I hope Dom is okay with me going out with George today. He needs to get his mind off of Timothy before he hurts himself, or tries to…

Meagan paused. “No, I won’t think like that.” She said aloud to herself.

The arcade would put a smile on George’s face.

She immediately sent the message to George, hoping he would agree.

And pizza!

Meagan’s mouth watered thinking about pizza as she stepped into the shower. The scorching water that rained on her skin made her shudder.

George, please don’t let a cheater ruin you. You’re strong, determined, hard-working, and funny. Please don’t change.

Meagan turned off the hot water. Her hair fell over her bosom, dripping like a soapy mop. She squeezed her curling hair, draining the excess water, as if it washed her worries down the drain. Suddenly, her phone buzzed from the sink. Wrapping her hair into her towel, she grabbed her phone, and read slowly:

I asked my mom, she said I could go. Meagan…I haven’t been hungry lately. I hardly eat at all anymore. I’ve been eating once a day, but I usually eat four to five times a day; it’s been going on for two weeks now. I’m scared. I was at 140 pounds and now I’m at 128…

Anger and frustration bubbled up inside her, but she took a deep breath before she answered.

We are definitely getting pizza this evening, and I will make you eat. If you don’t, I’ll kidnap you and make you stay at my house until you feel better.

She stared at her face in the bathroom mirror. Her cheeks were full of color although her skin was pale and soft. Her dark mahogany hair straightened and dried as the minutes ticked by. She was admiring her light, angelic face, and her worries seemed to disappear momentarily, before a sudden vibration startled her back into reality.

I’ll try, but every time I try to eat I get sick to my stomach. I threw up earlier this morning. My nerves are tearing me apart.

Meagan didn’t know how to respond to him.

He’s falling apart, and I’m watching it happen. He needs to relax.

            Another message popped in front of her eyes, and her heart skipped a beat. This one was from Dom.

I was going to hang out with you, but they called and asked if I could cover a shift. I wanted to take you to the movies. Please forgive me.

            Meagan felt butterflies circling her stomach again.

Dom is kind and sweet. That’s all I could ask for. Maybe after a few more weeks of getting to know each other, I will let him take me out on an actual date!



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