Tainted Glass pt. 13 – Takoda Poindexter


“Betcha can’t catch me!” Meagan yelled at Dom as she ran around the field with a sparkler in her left hand.

“Wanna bet!?” Dom lit a sparkler and began chasing her around laughing like a maniac.

“Hey, Hannah you want to help me light a fountain?” Becca grabbed a pack and began walking out into the field.

“Sure, wait for me!” Hannah ran after her and they both disappeared into the darkness.

They’re all having fun, and I’m sitting here wondering when he’ll text me…why am I so worried about him? I want to have fun.

George grabbed a sparkler, then sat at the edge of the blanket and lit it. The white light sparkled into his face and he stared at it in a trance.

“BBBBBZZZ!!!” George’s phone vibrated his against his leg. He grabbed it quickly and viewed the message from Timothy.

My mom agreed to let me come, but only if Michael can come with me.

The white sparkle crackled into a burst of red flame before dying into ash. Smoke rose above George’s head; jealousy had overtaken him in the fading light.

*            *

“You’re still in the way,” the voice said, echoing all around him.

I don’t understand, I’m not in the way.

“Take a look around, what do you see?”

George glanced around, but all that he could see was red in every direction. A red void consumed him, and all he could see was himself.

Red. I see red.

“Look closer, in front of you.”

He stared straight in front of him as the voice directed; slowly he could see a small green dot amidst the red.

A green dot. What is that supposed to mean?

“You must answer that yourself. Find the way. The answer lies in front of you.”

All I know is that I’m done with Timothy. I cannot go on being the second choice. I know I’m his second choice because I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.

“If that’s what you feel, then cut loose the weight and move on.”

I want to but…-

“The only person who is stopping you is you.”

Do I have enough strength to?


How do you know?

“That is not important.”

George could not see himself, could not sense himself, but the voice could see that he had no response.

“Hopefully, you understand.”

I will.


*          *


George awoke with a throbbing pain in his arm and a pounding head. He thought he saw stars for a few seconds, but it must’ve been his imagination. He checked the time and was surprised that it was only seven. He laid back down, then put his arm on his forehead and thought about what happened last night.

I dropped the sparkler, then ran to my car and began to cry. It took everyone at least three minutes to realize I had disappeared, but I was too busy sobbing to care. Meagan was the first, and then everyone else piled into the car. I told them I was fine, but they knew I wasn’t. They made me tell them the truth. So I told all of them about my situation with Timothy. Of course Becca already knew, but they all were silent by the time I was finished.

I just sat there emotionless. My crying fit had turned into utter silence. My feelings were coiling into a spring which could lash out at anyone and everyone. My heart cried, but my face was expressionless. My brain screamed, but my body was still. My bones cracked, but my skin was icy. My teeth clenched, but my tongue was resting in place.

That’s when the wind whirled and whooshed outside, lightning blazed across the sky, and thunder pounded above the car. A thunderstorm began to form, and everyone agreed to pack things up and call it a night.

George’s lip curled as his chest ignited with flames of regret. He couldn’t breathe

What were they thinking? It’s my fault that telling them about my problems killed the mood. I’m just tired: psychologically exhausted. I can’t stop thinking about it. It creeps up slowly behind me like a centipede with hundreds of legs, each a demon to suffocate me.


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