I think I’ve got an e-book problem — Magic of books

I think I might’ve reached some kind of anti-eBook phase. Each time I’m starting to read one I instantly want to switch to paper or even audio! It feels strange and it messes up my review copies reading progress. I’m not happy :/

Did you ever feel something like that?

Normally I’d be happy with this state, but I have several ebooks I’d like to finish, especially “Hero” and I simply can’t do it.

On the other hand, I’m reading the second volume of Largo Winch (after finishing the first one yesterday) and I would be glad to read the next after that if it was even published in any reasonable language (I don’t know French!). And to make things worse I won’t get my “Gemina” today because they still haven’t sent it… I was kind of counting for some weekend reading, but I guess I’ll just finish something else.

I’d say “luckily it’s Friday” but the weather doesn’t make me feel happy about it. It’s cloudy, cold and nasty and there’s this little mist-like rain seemingly hanging in the air clinging to everything, especially to my glasses. I hate it.

via I think I’ve got an e-book problem — Magic of books


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