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Are ebooks being used more compared to printed books? The main question that is constantly on my mind is, which one do readers prefer, the digital copy or the printed version of a book. Present day technology is advancing at an incredible speed and more people are spending more time in front of a screen, hence the use of ebooks has increased significantly. I believe it’s all about the convenience and people are moving away from printed books. There are still people who prefer printed books, as it gives them comfort to flip through the pages and experience the books that way.


I believe in the modern day world, everyone wants what is convenient for them and this is the reason that technology is being incorporated into our lives so easily. The use of ebooks has increased over the years because of how easy it is to obtain a digital copy of what you desire to read. Basically, you have the whole library at your fingertips. Also, reading from ebooks help the environment by reducing the amount trees being logged to make printed books. The benefits of ebooks are endless but, sometimes when I read from my laptop my eyes tend to dry out as I have the tendency to not blink. The con that comes with the use of ebooks is the use of mobile devices, and the time we spend in front of the screen, which can cause headaches, dry eyes, eyestrain, etc. It is important that we let our eyes rest once it reach a certain time period, and not spend too much time staring at a monitor. This is one of the main reason that I dislike using ebooks as it causes my eyes to dry out.


I feel having the printed books is a wonderful way to read because it makes me love the books even more. It all about that feeling you get when you flip through the pages is indescribable, and it feels like an adventure you are going along as the story progresses. I believe when you have a printed book you are able to build a connection with it compare to an ebook. This connection stems from printed books being collectibles (in my opinion) and how there are different editions of them to collect and make you enjoy a story tenfolds more. The key thing that bothers me about printed books is the amount of trees being used and how some amazing books can end up in a landfilled. Are people taking good care of their printed books?

Either reading from a digital copy or a printed copy of a book, both have its pros and cons. Ebooks is an excellent way to save money and time, but it requires us to sit in front of a screen even longer, and this can cause dry eyes, headaches, etc. Printed books, on the other hand, enhances the enjoyment of reading for many book lovers. I wonder what happens to the physical copies of the book when someone is done with it, do they get thrown out? I am curious on which platform people prefer to read from and why they enjoy it in that form because I want to know!

FYI this is Iris!

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