Audiobooks: What’s your take on them? — Mystery Date With a Book


I’ll be the first to admit that up until about 6 months ago I had no patience for audiobooks. I even tried every now and again to listen to an audiobook, but within 5 minutes I would get distracted and miss a whole chunk of the story…

It felt like I was trying to read a book with a bunch of missing pages. How rubbish is that?!

Buuut….. After seeing so many great reviews about audiobooks in the book bloggosphere I decided to try again. This time I would start with a really short book and I would really, really try to focus on the story and nothing else around me.

My first successful audiobook (if I remember correctly) was The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket (A Series of Unfortunate Events #1). Short enough and easy to follow, especially because I had already watched the film so I kind of knew what to expect. Since then I’ve listened to quite a few audiobooks and I have to say, I absolutely LOVE them now!

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My latest one was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling (Sorry, I’m not doing a review on any HP books here because everyone already knows how spectacular they are!). What a brilliant book! I had forgotten a few parts of the story, since I haven’t read the series in years, which made this audiobook extra special.

But enough about me, I’d like to know what YOU think about audiobooks.

Would you rather listen to a story instead of reading it? Do you only listen to a specific type of audiobook? (I don’t think I could listen to a shakespeare “book”. They demand so much focus I have to actually stop what I’m doing and read the words carefully).

Oh, last question! Where do you usually get your audiobooks from? I’m lucky enough to have a local library with a brilliant selection of audiobooks, but sadly not everyone has access to free audiobooks from their local library. So yeah, where do you get your audiobooks from? 😀

Come join me on the couch (AKA the comment section) and let’s talk audiobooks. Yay or nay?

via Audiobooks: What’s your take on them? — Mystery Date With a Book


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